Our Policies

Policies and Procedures

With care and safety of children attending our nursery being paramount, we have outlined nursery policies and procedure which we adhere to. Please read this carefully, if you have any queries please do not hesistate to ring the nursery on 029 2045 1700.

Leaving and Collecting Children

It is essential that when children are brought to the nursery, they are handed to a member of staff rather than being left to find their own way in. A few moments spent with that member of staff will help to increase the child's sense of security and allow you the opportunity to pass on any relevant information regarding your child. We accept that on occasion people will be rushing to get to work and that this is not always possible.

Children must be collected promptly at the end of each session. If this is not done at the end of the morning session (1pm), the legal liability relating to the staff/child ratio might be infringed. At the end of the afternoon session (6pm), two members of staff will remain at the nursery until the child has been collected. At the moment no penalty will be charged as we recognise that people are at times unavoidably delayed. However, if a parent is persistently late, we reserve the right to ask them to remove their child and suggest that they find alternative childcare. We accept that on occasion parents are delayed and we ask that if this occurs, you try to give us warning so that appropriate arrangements can be made. We do not operate a system of fines for people being late as we feel that people do not abuse the system but can be caught up in circumstances beyond their control. With your Registration Form you will be given a form naming the people you will allow to pick up your child. It is very important to understand that only those people will be allowed to take your child from the nursery, unless notification and identification is given in advance. In the case of an emergency, each case will be dealt with as circumstances dictate but unless nursery staff are absolutely sure of the circumstances the child will not be allowed to leave nursery premises.

Children with Special Needs

Access to the nursery is ramped and downstairs toilets are in place. We have worked with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales to provide care for children whose needs have been recognised, and would welcome any request from a parent for a consultation regarding their child and his/her special needs. Please contact Yvonne at the nursery. Any discussion will be held in the strictest confidence. Due to the nature of the building, wheelchair access may be difficult, but not impossible, and every effort will be made to accommodate the needs of any child who wishes to attend the nursery.


Care is provided using English as the main language with basic Welsh and French being offered when necessary. We are in the process of organising French lessons for the children at no extra cost to parents. Every effort is made for nursery staff to learn a few words of a different language (e.g Swedish) if this is a child's first language. Parents are asked to bring in some basic books if possible to help staff understand and familiarise themselves with what the child may be saying if English is not their first language.


The Nursery Manager or Deputy is available at all times to speak to parents about any concerns or complaints they may have. If these can not be resolved or concern the Manager or Deputy, Anne Thomas, the Proprietor, will be available to discuss the problem with you. If a satifactory conclusion cannot be reached or for some reason you feel you cannot discuss the problem with anyone at the nursery, then an Inspector from Care Standards in Wales can be contacted at:

Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales
Mid & South Wales
Rhud y Car
Merthyr Tydfil
CF48 1UZ

Tel: 03000 628888




Register with Toybox

Registering your child at our day nursery couldn't be easier. Please complete our registration form and either send it to us in the post or pop in for an informal chat - we love to meet the parents!

*Please ensure the form is completed correctly and inform us of any changes in the future that may affect your child during their time in our care. All information supplied will remain with us in the strictest confidence.